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How to Reset on Your Road Trip

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Believe it or not, there’s still time to hop in your car with family, friends and fur babies to sing along to your favorite tunes! Road trips are the perfect way to enjoy those last few days of summer right before the leaves begin to change their colors. However, after a few hours of sitting your body may start to tighten up. Incorporate a few rest stops so you and your fellow road-trippers can get out and stretch! The following postures will not only open up your body, but will also teach you how to reset on your road trip.

Neck Stretch

Sit with your shoulders over your hips, take one hand to the opposite side of your head, and gently pull your head laterally. You should feel this stretch from the base of your skull all the was down the side of your neck and into your shoulder.

Wide Forward Fold with Chest Expansion

Stand with your feet just wider than shoulder width with your toes pointing forward. Press your hips back, pinch your should blades together, and allow your chest to head toward the floor with your fingers locked behind your back. Feel the backs of your legs stretching while your chest opens.

Standing Lateral Flexion

Stand tall with your feet hip width apart. Reach your arms up over head, grabbing your wrist with your other hand. Gently pull your wrist and lean into the stretch to create space in your side body.

Thoracic Spine Stretch

Place both palms on the top of your car and take two steps back. Hinge at your hips, pressing your hips away from the car while keeping your legs straight. Allow your chest to drop toward the ground to feel the stretch across your chest and mid-back.

Hamstring Opener

Place your heel on the bumper or on a bench with your leg straight. Keeping your back flat, walk your hands down your leg as far as you can to stretch your glutei and hamstring.


Crank out some jumping jacks, high knees and butt kicks to keep that blood pumping!

Once your done with these stretches, you can climb right back in your car to enjoy the rest of your road trip!

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