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Deepening Your Space

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Our main goal in yoga is to create a space for the mind and body to move through on a deeper level. Sometimes we need more space to breathe, other times we need space to move away from certain objects or people.

Creating space is an attribute of yoga which can easily be applied to many other aspects of our lives—decluttering, allowing space for only the things we need in our homes and/or our workspaces. We can also apply this technique to our relationships with others. A toxic individual may take up too much real estate in our lives, not leaving enough room for ourselves to move smoothly through our space.

When it seems as though we no longer have any time to ourselves, it might be time to sift through what/who is taking up space in our lives. Ask if that new task on the calendar is adding extra responsibility we don’t need or a commitment we don’t want. Ask if that person is adding value to us.

This is not a task that can be done overnight. It is very much a practice. Take inventory of all of the stuff that’s covering our counters, filling drawers and closets, filling social media timelines, email inboxes, and voicemails. Everything and everyone should have a purpose if they’re a part of our lives. If it’s collecting dust—or causing stress to accumulate in the body—it’s time to let go!

Get rid of one or two items per week. Donate them to an organization if it may be of use to someone else—don’t throw it away. Allow it to be repurposed.

Step onto your mat. Stretch it out. Let your mind and body breathe and reset.

Comb through your online platforms. How many emails are in your inbox? Delete the ones you’ll never open. Unsubscribe from mailing lists. Unfollow friends on social media who exhaust you with their posts. Your mental clarity can be negatively affected by your newsfeed.

Do you talk to all of the contacts in your phone? Probably not. Delete the numbers of those you haven’t spoken to in the past year.

Whichever way we choose to utilize this concept, know that it’s up to us to decide through which spaces we move, who moves with us, and what we allow to remain in our lives. Combine this concept with practicing presence, and we have the perfect formula to enhance our well-being. Always remember: inhale to create space, and exhale to move into it.

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